The Times of India Interviews Timothy Walsh

Kounteya Sinha has an informative interview with Timothy Walsh in The Times of India.  Drawing upon several recent studies, Walsh states, “Extrapolating the data from our environmental study undertaken in New Delhi and combining this with the recent study of NDM-1 carriage from Pakistan, we estimate that the carriage rate of NDM-1 in India is between 100 and 200 million, which means that NDM-1 has become a very serious public health issue…With globalization, NDM-1 will continue to spread unchecked around the world and once established in higher enough numbers in a particular country, will further disseminate.”  In the interview Walsh notes that environment pollution by antibiotics, inadequate sanitation, overuse of antibiotics and routine sale of non-prescribed antibiotics, lack of a national surveillance system, and inadequate infection control procedures in some Indian hospitals have all contributed to spread of NDM-1.

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