Guess again if commercial surrogacy brings to mind trips to India or the Ukraine.  Yesterday’s edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune has an article about individuals from Canada, Serbia, Turkey, Uruguay, and elsewhere arranging commercial surrogacy in the United States.  Arkansas, California, Illinois, and Massachusetts all allow contracts for paid surrogacy and the states have become destinations for individuals willing and able to pay someone to deliver a child for them.  Commercial surrogates are often described as victims of exploitation and commodification.  The article suggests that at least some surrogate mothers might see the issue in a very different manner.  One woman quoted in the story states, “There such pride in knowing that I did this for somebody.”  There’s also some Benjamins.  Commercial surrogates in the U.S. receive $20,000-25,000 for their services.  According to the article, avoiding forming attachments to babies is an important element of commercial surrogacy.  As the surrogate featured in the article states, “I went into this with an open mind, saying, ‘This isn’t my kid, there’s nothing biological, I’m pretty much just the incubator.'”

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