“A Country That is Able to Send Rockets Into Space and Develop Nuclear Technology Surely Must be Able to Provide Clean Drinking Water”

The Hindu has an interview with Mark Toleman, one of the co-authors on last week’s Lancet Infectious Diseases article describing dissemination of NDM-1 positive bacteria into drinking water and surface water in New Delhi.  Toleman describes the intimidation, harassment, and threats experienced by their Indian collaborators on their 2010 article identifying NDM-1 in India, Pakistan, and the UK.  Toleman also describes the initial Indian government reaction of denial and blame in response to identification of NDM-1 in India.  He emphasizes the importance of establishing carriage rates for NDM-1 as a precondition for seeing whether interventions can reduce spread of NDM-1 and also establishing geographic variations in the incidence of NDM-1.  Toleman states that keeping sewage from entering the drinking water supply in New Delhi has to be a key feature of public health responses to the spread of NDM-1 into the environment.  The Indian government recently announced plans to test for NDM-1 in three New Delhi-based hospitals as well as the city’s drinking water.

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