From Mainland China to Hong Kong

News outlets in the U.S. are paying considerable attention to women from China giving birth at hospitals in California and other states.  Much less attention is being given to reports describing the number of women travelling from China to Hong Kong.  According to the Hong Kong Hospital Authority and Department of Health, in 2010 women from Mainland China accounted for about 40,600 deliveries out of a total of 88,000 at Hong Kong hospitals.  That number represents a dramatic increase from 2005, when approximately 19,500 women from mainland China delivered their babies in Hong Kong.  Health care authorities estimate that 92,000 women from China will deliver babies in Hong Kong in 2011 and 100,000 in 2012.  Hong Kong is a popular destination for Chinese women about to give birth because of the high quality of care at Hong Kong’s hospitals, China’s restrictive”One Child Policy” and Hong Kong’s exemption from this limit, and the various benefits associated with having citizenship in Hong Kong.  The inflow of expectant mothers from China is occurring as increasing numbers of obstetricians move from Hong Kong’s public health care facilities to private hospitals.  According to The Standard, Hong Kong is now considering measures to restrict the number of women from mainland China travelling to the country for childbirth.    Send article as PDF