Nineteen Thousand Five Hundred Dollar Baby

Today’s edition of the Los Angeles Times contains an account of a couple from Toronto, Canada who report being subjected to a “bait-and-switch” tactic while participating in commercial surrogacy in New Delhi, India.  The couple claims that they agreed to refer new clients and pay $12,500 to a surrogacy clinic.  Three week’s before the delivery date, the couple says, the clinic increased its fee by $7000.  India’s Health  Ministry released draft guidelines concerning surrogacy in January but the bill has not been passed into law.  Operating in a regulatory vacuum, fertility clinics market commercial surrogacy and other procedures to international clients.  According to the Los Angeles Times, quality of care is a concern as is quoting one price and then charging a substantially higher fee just before delivery.  Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, a Mumbai-based fertility specialist quoted in the article, states, “Today, unfortunately, even the smallest clinics are doing surrogacy because it’s a simple procedure and four times as profitable” as other types of fertility procedures.  “Some aren’t up to the mark, and foreigners get fleeced.”

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