November 12, 2013: University of Minnesota General Counsel William Donohue Replies to the Letter by Lemmens et al

William Donohue, General Counsel for the University of Minnesota, responded November 12, 2013 to the letter by Lemmens and colleagues. Donohue wrote, “As you are undoubtedly aware, the Office of the General Counsel at the University has reviewed the facts and circumstances surrounding the CAFÉ research study and the suicide of Mr. Markingson to which you refer in your letter and your petition. Moreover, examinations of these events have already been conducted by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Hennepin County District Court, and the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. It is not clear from your letter whether you are completely familiar with the details of these previous reviews conducted by a number of experts and governmental units independent of the university.”   Donohue ended his letter by writing, “We do not believe that further review is warranted.” 

William P. Donohue, Letter to Trudo Lemmens, November 12, 2013.    Send article as PDF   

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