November 14, 2013: Lemmens et al Respond to Donohue’s Letter and Reiterate Their Call for the Establishment of an Inquiry

On November 14, 2013, Lemmens and colleagues again appealed for the establishment of an independent inquiry that would examine the death of Dan Markingson. Responding to William Donohue’s letter they wrote, “It is frankly insulting towards academic colleagues to insinuate they drafted or signed the October 21 letter without making an effort to be sufficiently informed.” Lemmens et al. provided faculty senators with a detailed review of prior examination’s of the Markingson case. In a comparative table they summarized “the limitations of these alleged reviews” and identified “two initiatives that we characterize as recognizing serious problems.”

Trudo Lemmens, Raymond De Vries, Alice Dreger, Lois Shepherd, Susan Reverby, “Re: Request for an Independent Inquiry Dan Markingson Suicide,” November 14, 2013.

Trudo Lemmens and Shannon Gibson, “Comparative Table: Overview of ‘reviews’ of the Markingson Case,” November 14, 2013.    Send article as PDF   

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