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Health in the Global Village explores the changing nature of health, illness, social life, medical care, and public health in an interconnected world.  The blog pays particular attention to transnational medical travel (or “medical tourism”) for medical procedures such as hip replacements and spinal surgery, stem cell injections, reproductive medicine, and organ transplants.   It also explore major social and economic developments such as the construction of “Medi-cities” in countries within Asia and the Middle East, efforts to build national knowledge-based “bioeconomies”, globalization of clinical trials, global circulation of pharmaceuticals, international movement of health care providers, and the role of the Internet, telecommunications, and transportation networks in creating the sense of a “global village”.  Many posts address transnational movement of patients, clinicians, drugs, organs and tissues.  The blog also examines globalization of medical education and academic health centers, hospital chains, and health insurance companies.  Reference to the “global village” is meant to suggest that humans around the planet are now connected together in ways that were once unimaginable both in terms of technological resources and understandings of community and social life.

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