December 5, 2013: Petition Calling Upon Governor Mark Dayton to Investigate Psychiatric Research Misconduct at the University of Minnesota

As a Faculty Senate vote on the Markingson Resolution neared, Mike Howard was making plans to deliver a petition to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. On December 5, 2013, hours before the Faculty Senate meeting scheduled that afternoon, Howard delivered to Governor Dayton a petition signed by over 3440 individuals. The petition called upon Governor Dayton to investigate psychiatric research misconduct at the University of Minnesota. It stated, “While the University of Minnesota researchers used many unethical methods to force Dan to participate in this research study, the most egregious of them was fear. Dan was afraid that there was no alternative to taking part in the study, and that he would face a complete loss of liberty if he did not participate. The petition added, “Given the repeated failure of university officials to act in good faith, I believe that the Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, should appoint an external panel of experts to investigate ethical wrongdoing in psychiatric research at the University of Minnesota, including the circumstances surrounding Dan’s death. The panel should be given latitude to investigate the University of Minnesota human subject protection program, the Department of Psychiatry, the Office of the General Counsel, and any other university officials involved in the oversight of human research.”

 (As of September 2014, Governor Dayton has not established an investigation of alleged psychiatric research misconduct at the University of Minnesota.)

Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota: Investigate psychiatric research misconduct at the University of Minnesota.”


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