Baby bump followed by employee dump? New Jersey woman sues RNL Biostar

This is the week for stem cell companies filing lawsuits. Human Biostar is suing Celltex; Celltex is suing RNL Bio and Human Biostar. Given the lawsuits flying back and forth, this seems like a good time to toss into the mix yet another lawsuit involving a RNL Bio company. This one, Kerry Goldsteen v. RNL Biostar, involves RNL Biostar and Cellure, maker of “stem cell skin care” products. The plaintiff in this case is Kerry Goldsteen. Defendants are RNL Biostar, Cellure, and Esther Chang. Chang is an employee of both RNL Biostar and Cellure and, according to the lawsuit, Goldsteen’s direct supervisor. And what’s the basis for the lawsuit? According to the complaint, in August 2010 Goldsteen was hired by Cellure to serve as General Manager of Cellure’s “flagship” store in New York. Approximately six months later Goldsteen became pregnant and informed her employer of her pregnancy. The suit alleges that Goldsteen was then promptly terminated without cause. As the suit states, “Defendants terminated Plaintiff GOLDSTEEN’s employment solely on the basis of her pregnancy and gender.” The case is now before the District Court for the Southern District of New York. So, breach of contract lawsuit down in Texas and discrimination and wrongful dismissal lawsuit in New York. Yet another chapter–or at least a paragraph–in the odd saga of RNL Bio and its RNL Bio offspring.    Send article as PDF