“Hospital Insider Comes Forward”

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.41.13 PMFox 9 News investigative reporter Jeff Baillon is about to air the latest installment in his examination of psychiatric research misconduct at the University of Minnesota. His report can be viewed online at 9:00 pm CT tonight, November 25, on the Fox 9/KMSP website.

In tweets before tonight’s report, Baillon indicates that a hospital whistleblower shares a “disturbing story about research conducted on patients with mental illness at UMN.” Another tweet states, “Hospital insider comes forward with secret recordings about U of M psych research death.” The recordings are presumably related to the death of Dan Markingson, a young man who committed suicide while he was enrolled as a research subject in the notorious CAFÉ study.  Were he still alive, today would have been Dan’s 36th birthday.

In response to previous investigative reports, University of Minnesota administrators have replied by claiming the university has been “thoroughly investigated” and there is no need to respond to old allegations. While false, these boilerplate denials have served the university well for many years. It remains to be seen how university officials will try to spin and discredit a hospital insider and secret recordings. Knowing how thin the U’s PR playbook is I’m guessing they will try to smear the messenger. They certainly don’t seem to have any meaningful substantive responses in response to the many unanswered questions about the conduct of psychiatric research at the U.

Is there any chance that after a decade we will finally see justice for Dan Markingson and other victims of psychiatric research abuse at the University of Minnesota? We’ll see. One thing of which I’m certain is that hospital officials and university administrators do not want to see on the evening news an institutional whistleblower in possession of secret recordings.

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